Commencing hacktoberfest in a couple of days per requirements of my open source class. We are to issue a total of four pull requests, showing incremental progress with each one. This will be my first time contributing to other people’s projects in the open source community.

Repositories like these scary me:



Someone files a bug, such as this one above, against the input system in Unity3D, which is something that is being used by millions of game developers around the world. Its code base easily exceed 100k lines. I don’t think it’s wise to spend my time digging in the code and trying to find the source of the problem as a first timer on this project.

Before going big and trying to work on libraries such as react and express and django and whatnot, I feel like I should just start with smaller libraries instead. Not only there’s less competition, the code repository should be easy to go through. I predict that the majority of my time is going to be spent on going through a code base, understanding what each part of the code means, getting it to build and run cleanly on my computer, and pinpointing the correct root cause of the bugs. Once this is done, the actual fix should be fairly simple and straightforward, but not until the painful onboarding process is complete. And I’m gonna have to do the onboarding process four times in total, since I will be contributing to four different open-source repositories on the web.

I think as a starting point, it is also important to start with something that I’m familiar with first. Regardless whether it’s a bug fix, new feature and whatnot, I will need to download (clone) the repository on my computer and build it locally. No progress can be made without this step, doesn’t matter if its compiling/building with Unity3D (Monodevelop C#), Anaconda/Pip (Python), Maven (Java), Npm (JavaScript) or any other. The code needs to be test before submission and pull request can be made. I’m quite familiar with the above said four (well, three really, since I only ran maven like once), so I’m gonna start by looking for something along these lines.

Oh, one more thing. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but searching with the keyword hacktoberfest on github is absolutely useless and yields negative results. I saw some repository that is trying to collect all the algorithms in all the languages and put them in one giant repository… why? Those are available all over the web anyways. Some other repository is just trying to compile a list of all the sponsors who are giving away swags. I can’t blame them, I’ve happily gotten myself two salesforce cloudies (their mascot is a sheep) in the past.

Finally, with the above points kept in mind, here are a couple issues that I picked out yesterday that I can possibly work on and complete in a reasonable timeframe:






2 goals:

starting from: work on code fixes that relate to some programming topic that I love

end goal (hopefully): see my code ship in a project/product I use every day

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