More issue-hunting

To say that the majority of the time I spent in contributing to open source projects is finding a suitable issue is an under statement. Finally settled on this repo:

I’ve up’ed my contributions a bit since last time. Last time it was a one-liner change, this time it’s to create an entire new file for the project. I’ve also added an appropriate file in the folders that are intended to be packages, ensuring that they are installed correctly during the setup process. Here are the links to the issue and the PR:



From my first issue/PR issued for the hacktoberfest, the original author has gotten back to me with some new requirements. I have been responding actively, and we have seem to discovered a new bug along the way. Here are the links to the first issue and the PR:



As you can see, because of some experiments we are conducting at the moment, the Travis CI no longer builds successfully. We are in the middle of investigation for that matter.

Again, the issues that I’ve looked at but passed on include the following: (yes, I’ve begun bookmarking all the candidates just in case I wanna go back and revisit them)

This one is the wikipedia engine 1.0. However, the issue I was looking at was this one: From the discussion threads, it turns out this issue is not even code related, as the incorrect value is stored in the production database. So there is virtually nothing I can do. Plus, in order to set this project up and test it locally, I need to install MySQL first, create the appropriate databases, schemas and permissions. It’s a ton of work, and the worst part is: What if it doesn’t work after I spend all this effort into setting them up?

This one is pretty cool. It’s a neural network simulation environment. However, the build is currently unstable and still under development. Not even all the test cases are passing yet. The issue list is full of bugs waiting to fixed. The particular issue I was looking at was this one: But then I decided to pass.

This one is interesting. It is digital-currency related. I learned a new term today. Fiat-coin, which basically covers pretty much all the coins/bills we’ve been using – the government issued ones, like CAD, USD). I was thinking about giving this ago, but I have to create a account for the kraken wallet first, and I’m not sure whether I want to get into digital currency trading… yet.

I literally thought I found a gem when I struck this repo. The code base is small, bug descriptions are very specific, shouldn’t be hard to debug. Then I realized how niche this is… it’s for this specific IBM product here: I scrolled over to installation of the product, and it says “To install a DataPower® appliance into your existing environment, you must first install the appliance hardware.” Can’t test because I can’t install the pre-requisite software, can’t install the software because I can’t afford the hardware. Goodbye.

  • Some Tor-browser related stuff, I forgot the link

Yes, I stumbled upon a repo on github, that had something to do with the Tor project, or the Onion browser. Yes, you heard me right, the dark web, where apparently a lot of the illegal stuff are being exchanged/traded. I thought about whether this will be appropriate for school projects, and the potential impact of me contributing to a project that can potentially be used for illegal purposes… then I closed the windows and decided to move on.

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