Issue & Pull Request #3

Issue & pull request #3



Decided to switch to a different language to try out something new. I find that python is more of a supportive language these days. More than often I stumble upon some python repository that looks simple, only to find out that I need to have X, Y, then install A, B, C before I can actually run the repo, because that particular python library is written specifically for that one use case. Although javascript is more popular than python, if I focus on say just node.js and the npm libraries, pretty much I can get the same setup running without having to install extra components outside of my programming environment.

So I came upon this repository about building boilerplate folders and files using javascript. It’s a pretty cool concept. You can essentially define your folder/file structure with a simple yaml configuration file, run the code, and it will generate all your folders and files for you, as well as empty functions within each file.

However, in reality, I don’t think this function will get a lot of usage. First of all, hardly anyone can come up with the exact structure of a project right from the beginning. When the structures have been decided, matured and set in place, there’s a good chance it looks nothing like how it started. But by that time, there’s no need for this boilerplate code generation engine anyways, since the files have already been written and filled.

With only one last PR left to do, I’m thinking about whether to finally go back to a unity engine project with monodevelop c#, or just do another javascript project. The open source projects available on github for unity seem limited, and a lot of them have to do with creating materials, shaders, UIs, models and etc. Those require little in coding, but heavy in art and design… not exactly what I’m good at. Perhaps I’ll spend around an hour searching for a decent project to work in unity. If nothing suitable is found, then I’ll just fall back to javascript as a backup.

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