Open source and Windows

Open source and Windows… they just don’t seem to get a long. In the short amount of time I had since my last post, I did a few things:

  • uninstalled docker from windows
  • installed ubuntu 18.04 (bionic) dual boot on both my desktop/laptop
  • ubuntu 18.04 (bionic) doesn’t come with the library make pre-installed! I was shocked…
  • my desktop doesn’t have a built-in wifi adapter, so I had to tether my phone’s hotspot in order to install the driver for my usb wifi adapter first, which namely is done through sudo apt-get install rtl8812au-dkms, which installed libraries like build-essential, make and all that good stuff
  • installed yarn. Funny thing about yarn is that if you don’t register the appropriate repository for it, it will automatically redirect you to download some package named cmdtest, which is not what you want. See this link:
  • installed nodejs. If I just installed nodejs from the official supported ubuntu packages, it will just install version 8 for me. Version 8 is not sufficient for most of the repos I’m working on at the moment, they all require 10+. See this link to install later versions, such as 10, 12, and 13:
  • installed miniconda for environment management
  • in my newly created conda environment, installed pip, pipenv, ffmpeg, invoke, gettext, docker-compose
  • installed docker. Again, need to register their official repository. If you just do sudo apt-get install docker it will give you something else. Follow the instructions here:
  • assign appropriate privilege for my user to use docker without root. This was particularly important for me due to the setup scripts being dependent on them: sudo usermod -aG docker your-user
  • installed mysql, sudo apt-get install mysql-server
  • created new sets of ssh keys and added the public ones to my github account ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""

All these seem like a lot of work, and they are indeed. But I’m pretty happy when the projects finally get spun up properly locally:

The page, on my local machine: (

The voiceweb homepage: (

However, I’m still having trouble getting this one to setup properly:

After spending hours trying to get it setup despite the simple instructions in the readme, I’ve created a ticket asking for help: Once this is resolved, I can proceed to work on ticket: This one utilizies a package named stmux for running multiple processes in one terminal:

I can’t seem to get the last process yarn server-dev working.

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