First official pull request into the open source world



Actual fix:

Don’t have a lot of time lately, piles of homework/assignments adding up. After an hour of searching, finally found something that’s simple, untouched, and an issue opened by the owner of the repo himself. Opted to choose a python project since it is quick to setup with miniconda/pip.

A one-liner fix to kick off hacktoberfest, adding some arguments in to make sure it installs the required dependencies. Without the dependencies, the installation stage will pass, but the project will break when you try to use its functionalities.

Now there exists duplicate package dependencies in both the requirements.txt file as well as the But after a little research, it is apparently okay and is the recommended way after reading the official comments made here on the python website about packaging -> Apparently, the packages specified in are meant to be abstract with just the minimal requirements needed by the project to run, while the requirements.txt used by pip (or even more comprehensive environment.yaml files used by miniconda) is a more defined version of all the packages with possibly their locked-down versions.

I find that searching for the appropriate issue to work on is a pain.

A. I don’t want to spend a lot of time flipping through huge repos and down in oceans of code.

B. All the easy ones have too many comments on it already, can’t do them.

C. Need to avoid the hacktoberfest-purposed repositories, they are just calling people of all sorts to add algorithms of all different languages and putting them into one giant melting pot.

D. A lot of issues are not even reported by the owner. They are mostly just like a one-liner complaint, stating something doesn’t work as expected, with no log traces and environment specifications whatsoever.

E. Don’t want to work in languages that I don’t know… yet. Or even languages that takes a long time to setup on my machine even. Imagine downloading like a 2gb installer for Unity editor right now just to work on a PR…

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